Research and Review Bootstrap

Briefly describe Bootstrap and its primary uses.

Bootstrap is a front-end framework that contains design templates for a variety of different webpage aspects and is used in making websites and web applications.

What is a CSS framework?

Css frameworks are packages of files and folders in standard codes like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that can be used to help develop websites.

Why is Bootstrap referred to as a framework?

Bootstrap is referred to as a framework because it functions as a CSS framework, aiding in the design of websites.

What are some of the advantages and disadvantages to using a framework?

Advantages: clean and organized, offers solutions to common CSS problems, quickens the process of making a mock website.

Disadvantages: slow learning curve, mixes content and presentation together, makes it so some aspects are not learned by the user.

List and describe at least five features or functions that Bootstrap provides as part of its framework.

Form templates: templates for forms.

Button templates: templates for buttons.

Navigation templates: templates for navigation bars.

Progress Bars: visualizes how far along a user is in a process.

Carousels : sliding image area.